The Story of Gourd

As a female, I've always struggled with bad pockets. They are either too small or don't exist. This isn't a new issue. Women have suffered from bad pockets since the 1800's! Have you ever lost something because they fell out of your tiny, unsecure pockets? I have, multiple times. I've lost very important items and dropped my phone countless times and it's a major issue. I'm sick of my phone falling out of my pockets, and my phone is too!

Also, I don't always want to carry a bag everywhere and need pockets to hold my stuff. This is especially true when you're going to the gym and want to be lightweight. Then of course you end up carrying everything in your hands (due to lack of pockets) and drop stuff everywhere. Ever had that problem before? How frustrating is it to not have anywhere to put your cellphone, keys, and wallet?! This is the bare minimum and every pair of pants should have pockets to hold your essentials.

Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands. Not only do I want big pockets, but also wanted something affordable, good quality, great for any activity, and good looking. Leggings are the answer! Leggings are fashionable and the most versatile clothes out there. The only problem is most leggings lack pockets. Enter Gourd.

Gourd leggings feature deep and steep zipper pockets big enough to carry all your essentials with secure zippers to keep your belongings safe and sound. The pockets can fit any size phone and the best part is you can hardly feel it against you.

Affordability and quality are also crucial. They are made with high quality antibacterial nylon at just the right amount of thickness and completely squat-proof. Nylon is also much more durable and weather-resistant than polyester.

Gourd leggings are great for any athletic activity while being affordable, and are truly the complete package! 

More importantly, this is not some faceless, large, corporation. I started this business, designed the leggings, and tested them myself. I want to create a solution to a problem that is prevalent to women everywhere.

I hope Gourd leggings will be enjoyed by millions of active, practical, and badass women who need big, secure, pockets!